Monday, 21 April 2014

Coloured Suit: Fushia Pink

I am a suit girl. I love wearing chic and colourful suits like this fushia pink. The colour is just so eye-catching and also suits any skin colour. For this outfit, I have paired this suit with my zara cami (I literally pair this cami with most of my suit) I love the design of the cami so much. Its not your everyday cami, its got this mixed textures of materials (lace & satin).
For my shoes, I am wearing my KG black pointed heels. For my accessories, I am wearing a  black necklace with comes with red stones(such an elegant necklace). And finally I have gone with a two sided clutch (glass mirrored & leather).

Blazer & pant {Zara, sold out}
Zara cami {sold out, Try this}
Zara cluth {Try this}
Kurt Geiger pointed heels {Here}
Necklace {instagram: @Nikkijobifele}

Have a lovely week


  1. Gotta love Zara. Fushia suit is definitely eye catching and gorgeous!

    1. Yes your very right. Im zara obsessed.

  2. ahahhaha, This is more than amazing....Infact I'm speechless


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