Monday, 23 June 2014

Bright floral

Hi everyone, hope you all are all doing good by the time this post gets to you and I hope you all are enjoying your week so far. I have been under the influence of hay fever for the past few days and got to the point where talking was hard but all glory to God, I am much better.

Now getting to this post, as it is now officially summer which means time to bring out those summer outfits which brings me to this vibrant orange playsuit which I have had for about two years now but never wore it. Why? I don't know but finally got to it now and  i am loving it. Its the perfect summer piece. Its very light and accommodates  the hot weather so you don't get all sweaty inside your clothes. And I  have add this amazing floral blazer (new piece and my favorite blazer so far) for that chilly evening after the sun is down in case you are going to be out all day or something to put over your playsuit or dress for that night out. 

Boohoo Playsuit (old)
Ebay belt
ASOS beige shoes (Try this and This)
Floral blazer (@nikkijobifele -instagram)

Thanks for passing by, have a lovely week

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