Sunday, 30 August 2015

African Print: Bow Top & Full Maxi Skirt

Happy Bank Holiday everyone. I love African prints a lot and its a surprise I haven't worn one on the blog before being a girl with African roots and all.  I have had lots of styles in my mind to sew over the years but just never remember to take it to a tailor. Take this piece I am wearing today for example, I have had it for over 4 years now before I finally decided to get it sewn. 

Besides, It took me time to find a tailor I was comfortable with and she lives about 30 min drive away from me which proves why I always forget lol.  African prints isn't what it used to be, it has evolved so much more and many high end brands has incorporate African prints into their pieces but the prices some of these brands charge are absolutely too high. 

So for this look, I am wearing a custom made full maxi skirt and a custom made crop bow top which was inspired from Bambah boutique. Told my tailor exactly what I wanted and she did an amazing job at the end. 

Please email to get anything made. you can also visit her instagram here to see some of her work. 

African print bow crop top: sewed by Mjcreations
African print maxi skirt: sewed by Mjcreations
JustFab Heels here

Thanks so much for viewing , see you in my next post.
Damilola xxx


  1. Speechless. The dress is stunning on you dear. Stay bless

    1. Thanks so much dear. absolutely appreciate your lovely comments.


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