Friday, 27 March 2015

Denim on Pastels

Hello everyone,  hope you all are having a great day. It's finally spring in the UK even though it's still cold and the trees are still naked  hahaha.....can't wait for those beautiful spring flowers  but lately, we've been getting sunny and fairly warm day sometimes. 

For this post, it was one of those sunny days, so I decided to bring out my denim wide leg jeans and my pastel smiley shirt. Oh you know I get excited by the little things and this shirt was a no brainer when it came to purchasing it. I love the character on it, gives an outfit a little more something. 

Denim wide leg jeans are in trend this spring/summer and I am loving this H&M jeans (its the perfect fit) and looks more expensive than it really is. So what's not to like? Anyway to finish up my look, I paired it with a denim shirt and pastel pumps. They are pink at the front and blue at the back (I know its not very visible with the jeans covering it. Apologies)

Asos shirt (sold out)
H&M jeans: here
H&M denim jacket: here
Kandeeshoes: here

Thank you for your views and comments. Highly appreciated. Damilola xxx


  1. I saw you on people magazine. I had to find you. Love your style dear <3

    1. Thanks so much dear, appreciate the love & support.


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